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      Let It Rock

      Let It Rock

      Bon Jovi

      Album: Slippery When Wet

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      Bon Jovi - Let It Rock Música y Letra

      The weekend comes to this town
      Seven days too soon
      For the ones who have to make up
      What we break up for their rules
      Well I saw Captain Kidd on Sunset
      Tell his boys they're in command
      While chino danced a tango
      With boomstick in his hand
      He said: It's alright (alright) if you have a good time
      It's alright (alright) if you want to cross that line
      To break on through the other side
      Let it rock, let it go
      You can stop a fire burning out of control
      Let it rock, let it go
      With the night you're on on the loose
      You got to let it rock
      We go down to Broadway
      Where everybody goes
      To get on their rockin' horse
      And blast that radio
      Well I saw Roxie on the table
      Her girlfriend down below
      They'll give it to the King Of Swing
      Before it's time to go
      They said: It's alright (alright)....
      Let it rock, let it go....

      Bon Jovi - Let It Rock Música y Letra




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