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      Donna Summer

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      Donna Summer

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      1. Hot Stuff Album Bad Girls

      2. She Works Hard For The Money Album She Works Hard for the Money

      3. Bad Girls Album Bad Girls

      4. I Feel Love Album I Remember Yesterday

      5. Last Dance Album The Dance Collection A Compilation of Twelve Inch Singles

      6. Black Lady Album I Remember Yesterday

      7. Queen For A Day Album Once Upon A Time

      8. Get Ethnic Album Mistaken Identity

      9. Dim all the lights Album Anthology

      10. Let There Be Peace Album Mistaken Identity

      11. Love is in control (Finger on the trigger) Album Anthology

      12. Take Me Album I Remember Yesterday

      13. Say a Little Prayer Album Mistaken Identity

      14. Summer Fever Album Four Seasons Of Love

      15. State Of Independence Album Donna Summer

      16. Last dance Album Anthology

      17. Romeo Album I´m A Rainbow

      18. Oh Billy please Album Cats Without Claws

      19. I Believe (In you) Album I´m A Rainbow

      20. Mystery of love Album Donna Summer

      21. Thinkin' bout My Baby Album All Sistem Go

      22. Breakaway Album Another Place And Time

      23. I Remember Yesterday Reprise Album I Remember Yesterday

      24. MacArthur park Album On The Radio

      25. Running For Cover Album The Wanderer

      26. Eyes Album Cats Without Claws

      27. Cry of a waking heart Album Mistaken Identity

      28. Winter Melody Album Four Seasons Of Love

      29. Spring reprise Album Four Seasons Of Love

      30. Walk on (Keep on movin') Album I´m A Rainbow

      31. Wasted Album A Love Trilogy

      32. True Love Survives Album I´m A Rainbow

      33. Only The Fool Survives Album All Sistem Go

      34. Come with me Album A Love Trilogy

      35. Lady of the night Album Lady Of The Night

      36. Mistaken Identity Album Mistaken Identity

      37. Love is in control (Finger on the trigger) Album Donna Summer

      38. Dim All The Lights Album Bad Girls

      39. Suzanna Album Cats Without Claws

      40. Supernatural Love Album Cats Without Claws

      41. Autumn changes Album Four Seasons Of Love

      42. Spring Affair Album Four Seasons Of Love

      43. Body talk Album Mistaken Identity

      44. Love Is Just A Breath Away Album Donna Summer

      45. Livin' in America Album Donna Summer

      46. The Only One Album Another Place And Time

      47. Now I need you Album Once Upon A Time

      48. The Christmas Song Album Christmas Spirit

      49. Happily ever after Album Once Upon A Time

      50. Heaven knows Album On The Radio

      51. Maybe it's over Album Cats Without Claws

      52. I Remember Yesterday Album I Remember Yesterday

      53. People, People Album She Works Hard for the Money

      54. Heaven's Just A Whisper Away Album Mistaken Identity

      55. Voices cryin' out Album All Sistem Go

      56. There Goes My Baby Album Cats Without Claws

      57. Science Of Love Album Crayons

      58. Work That Magic Album Mistaken Identity

      59. Lush Life Album Donna Summer

      60. Woman Album She Works Hard for the Money

      61. One Night In A Lifetime Album Bad Girls

      62. I'm a Fire Album Crayons

      63. Cant We Just Sit Down Album I Remember Yesterday

      64. Breath of Heaven Album Christmas Spirit

      65. Stop Me Album The Wanderer

      66. I Need Time Album I´m A Rainbow

      67. Who Do You Think You're Foolin' Album The Wanderer

      68. O Holy Night Album Christmas Spirit

      69. Whispering Waves Album Love To Love You Baby

      70. When Love Takes Over You Album Another Place And Time

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