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      Fetty Wap

      Album: Zoo Style

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      Fetty Wap - Spaceship Música y Letra

      [Fetty Wap:]
      On everything that’s my spaceship
      Disrespect my girl, I’ma give your ass a facelift
      Do this shit for Franklins and Benjamins, they my favorite
      Tell me why you here, cut the shit, girl who you playing with?
      The squad of the year, RGF is here to claim it
      ZooWap, I’m the man from the bando, what you saying?
      I can take your ho with bands, I speak a different language
      I might flex, finesse, I check your ho and who she came with, ayy
      [Hook - Fetty Wap:]
      Have you ever seen a spaceship, ay
      Traveling to different places, ay
      Them Benjamins, I’m talking faces, ay
      Come take a ride up on my spaceship, ay
      Y-young niggas, we flexing
      Young nigga we up next man
      Young niggas, we flexing, ay
      Have you ever seen a spaceship, ay
      Traveling to different places, ay
      I’m taking off just like a spaceship
      Success is near and I can taste it
      Nothing was ever given, I had to take it
      T-times got hard, I had to face it
      But I promise all of my niggas we gon’ make it
      And if they don’t open the door, then we gon’ break it
      Like, what the fuck is you thinking?
      Won’t stop ‘til we laughing all the way to the bank
      Counting Benjamin Franklins, foreigns, Lambos and Bentleys
      Gas tank never empty, all these women tryna to tip me
      Watching out for them niggas that be hating living with envy
      Once you get money the people start to get friendly
      Ain’t got much friends but that money, yeah I got plenty
      When it come to them hundreds, Nikosi be many
      I do this shit for my family
      Said I do this shit for my family
      [North Maine:]
      Young nigga, we up next
      All I know is hustle, flex
      Jersey nigga, that’s what I rep
      Any disrespect, then I’ll foot your neck
      And I put that on my mama, you don’t want that drama
      As a young nigga on the block, I had to learn to make commas
      When you make money, fake friends hate
      Backstabbers take off your plate
      Grass cut, I can see y'all snakes
      I’m a real nigga, most of y'all fake
      Claim the streets but talk to the jakes
      If you not real, then I can’t relate
      Chasing all these dead faces
      When we talkin' y'all don’t conversate
      Hit me up, I don’t chase
      All fly, I stay space baby
      From the jungle where it’s wild and crazy
      This stress going through a lot lately
      Sitting like dear Lord please save me
      Never giving up, still dream chasing
      With my team in that spaceship
      Flying to [?]

      Fetty Wap - Spaceship Música y Letra



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