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      Homicide (feat. Snoop Dogg)

      Homicide (feat. Snoop Dogg)


      Album: Pluto

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      Future - Homicide (feat. Snoop Dogg) Música y Letra

      [Hook: Future and Snoop Dogg]
      You say you wanna take a ride? Get in
      I grew up on that other side, getting it in
      You niggas selling a bunch of pies, snatch a Benz
      I heard you say it's going down, I'm going in
      Go tell 'em it's a homicide (murder)
      Go tell 'em it's a homicide (murder, murder)
      Go tell 'em it's a homicide (murder, murder)
      Go tell 'em it's a homicide, ya ya
      [Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
      Fighting, shooting, killing, riding
      Cripping, tripping, spitting fire
      In the kitchen, baking pies
      Taking mines, making mines
      Yellow tape, black gun
      Fill it with them hollow shells
      And leave the scene bloody
      Buddy can't nobody tell
      Catch a plane to the ATL
      Lay low in a cheap motel
      Whatever suits ya
      And get a few thangs from my cousin Future
      Now I'm back on and popping like
      Trapping, rapping in the cut
      Talk shit, I fuck you up
      They don't recognize who I am or where I'm from
      So I hit the strip club banging 20 Crip cause
      Treble with the bass, put that thang up in yo shavening
      And leave yo body bleeding on the pavement
      [Verse 2: Future]
      How many a ride for you, open up that fire for you
      You gotta question a nigga standing next to you, cut him off
      I grew up on the side you gotta make yourself a boss
      Niggas'll shit on you any chance they get
      Cross you out on a lick
      If you ain't ready for the ending then quit
      It's a dirty world, you gotta get your hands dirty
      I'm going for the title with my hands on the rifle
      I put in the same work you put in, survival
      Looking at my rival, they looking suicidal
      Keep them bodies off wax, I can spot a rat
      Let the guitar play, brrrat!
      [Verse 3: Future]
      Slang a bunch of packs, and go and snatch a Benzo
      I played them streets as a young nigga, ain't never liked Nintendo
      Them gangstas in the yard, them my motherfucking kinfolk
      They'll kidnap you and yo broad (in broad) daylight, no pretendo
      I grew up 'round a bunch of monsters, call that pressure on ya
      Be so scared for ya life, you call the police on ya
      You ready say you ready
      You gon' starve or you want fetti? Yo life'll change a second
      Good or bad, don't open yo mouth, make sure you shut it
      Ain't no telling who listening, make a wise decision
      I'm from 'cross the tracks, like Boosie
      If you ride, you better know who shooting

      Future - Homicide (feat. Snoop Dogg) Música y Letra




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