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      Iggy Azalea

      Album: The New Classic

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      Iggy Azalea - Goddess Música y Letra

      [Verse 1 - Iggy Azalea:]
      Ain't this what y'all need me for
      You done pissed me off what is y'all leaving for
      Oh what? A white girl with a flow ain't been seen before
      Bow down until your knees get sore
      Treat Neimans like a grocery store
      Selfridges get the same rapport
      Ask Bey' when we off on tour
      Hopping out a fly whip screaming "This ain't yours"
      How famous can one get 'fore she get tired
      One phone call that make all the money get wired
      Uh, spit fire that'll burn down an empire
      20 deep in the sprinter tryn the Benz tires
      Wave hello when I breeze by ya
      Make enough in ten months
      I could live off or retire (woo)
      But I just won’t quit
      Tryna figure out which part of this you just don’t get huh
      Lord, lemme know if you got this
      Preaching about prophets
      It ain’t no one man can stop us
      Bow down to a Goddess, bow down to a Goddess, bow down to a Goddess
      It ain’t no one man can stop us
      Bow down to a Goddess
      Goddess! Got it?
      [Verse 2 - Iggy Azalea:]
      Same critics wondered if I had it in me
      Now want me to play friendly
      But how the hell you play friendly when the mention of my name could cause a media frenzy
      The cameras flash everywhere, make it hard to miss me
      Lately I been crazy 'til a psych will commit me
      After any competition coming up against me
      You think it’s anything better, then come convince me
      Until then I’ll be leading the race
      So bow down, put your knee to your face
      While I make wine outta water, turn rappers into martyrs
      Set it off whenever I-G-G in the place, uh
      Young rapper, Goddess
      Y'all a boring read like Rapper’s Digest
      I could never see you fall like I skip through August
      I’m thinkin' bout now would be the time to start this
      [Bridge x2:]
      Put your hands to the sky
      But only if you feel the vibe
      They wanna bury me alive but y'all know real gods never die
      [Hook x2]

      Iggy Azalea - Goddess Música y Letra



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