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      Walk The Line

      Walk The Line

      Iggy Azalea

      Album: The New Classic

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      Iggy Azalea - Walk The Line Música y Letra

      Yeah we don't wanna do anything to scare your children
      That's the last thing we wanna do
      We don't wanna scare anybody
      [Verse 1:]
      Never said it was fair, but still I never knew fear
      Not in a million years could you tell me that I'd be here
      I just hopped off that lier, my life on another tier
      Lifting glasses for cheers, keep that hating out my ear
      From country living to county skipping, this would drive you crazy
      Check the rate that they pay me a giant could never slay me
      Money never a maybe but never forgot my roots
      I heard that the top is lonely I wonder if it's the truth
      So I'm just climbing, paid off rhyming, how I'm shining could be blinding
      Ain't too much real left but right here is where you could find it
      This that new classic, ain't this what you needed
      I'm what amazing look like, you'll recognize it when you see it
      Know where I wanna be but I'm far from home
      Just tryna' make it on my own
      And unless they send me calls I don't answer phones
      This is the line and I walk alone
      Ain't no going back now
      Don't know where I'm at now
      Ain't no going back now
      This is the line and I walk alone
      [Verse 2:]
      I've been counted out, I've been stepped on
      I was wide awake and got slept on
      I had everything and then lost it
      Worked my ass off, I'm exhausted
      All this talking about me, just talk about me
      I'm here now, they can't walk around me
      I'm dedicated, flow elevated
      Tell every hater hope you never play it, said I'll never make it
      I'm celebrating, and I'm never quitting, no resignation
      I took desperate measures out of desperation
      I'm a fresh face with no expiration
      I know pressure make diamonds so I threw 'em off in this chain
      And when it's all on the line
      I'm who you want in the game
      Cause I'm gonna get it and it's for sure
      Can't be like y'all, that's no go
      International, and y'all local, got this locked up just like po-po
      Every beat get A, that's tocho
      Won't lose, oh, no, that's Yoko
      Been up and down like low lows
      Still make my own on the solo
      Had to be here to believe it
      Think like winners to perceive it
      Had to let you know that I mean it
      If I speak it, I say keep it
      This flow, that's genius
      Just think about it, would I think about it?
      If I didn't live it, won't ink about it
      Married to the money, put a ring around it, what?
      And everything ain't the way I planned it
      But when the smoke clears I'm the one standing
      This lifestyle can be so demanding
      But I take off like a plane and I ain't ever landing
      Ain't no going back now
      Ain't no going back now
      This is the line and I walk alone

      Iggy Azalea - Walk The Line Música y Letra



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