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      Cop Car

      Cop Car

      Keith Urban

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      Keith Urban - Cop Car Música y Letra

      We drove right past
      That no trespassing sign
      We sat on the tailgate
      And watched the planes take off
      We thought we had all night
      There was no need to rush
      That's when those cops
      Came pulling up
      And I thought
      Man, ain't this some shhhh
      Your daddy's gonna kill me
      But if I survive tonight
      I wouldn't change one thing
      Baby, yeah
      I know it sounds crazy
      But there was somethin bout the way
      The blue lights were shinin
      Bringing out the freedom in your eyes
      I was too busy watching you
      Going wild child
      To be worried about going to jail
      You were thinking that
      Running for it
      Would make a good story
      I was thinking you were crazy as hell
      And you were so
      But you were stealing my heart
      I fell in love in the back of a cop car
      Man, they weren't playin
      They sure threw those cuffs on quick
      You tried to sweet talk 'em
      They didn't fall for it
      But I did
      You were on the left
      I was on the right
      I knew you didn't smoke
      When you asked him for a light
      And I laughed
      He got mad and slammed the door
      [Repeat Bridge]
      [Repeat Chorus]
      Side by side
      And locked in tight
      They were taking their time
      But we didn't mind
      We talked
      And we laughed
      We sat real close
      By the time they let us go
      I was already gone
      [Repeat Chorus]

      Keith Urban - Cop Car Música y Letra




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