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      100 Words and Running

      100 Words and Running

      Machine Gun Kelly

      Album: 100 Words And Running

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      Machine Gun Kelly - 100 Words and Running Música y Letra

      Coming out the bottom of the mother fuc*** totem pole
      Calling everyone who ain't believe like 'I told them hoes'
      Now they on my scrotum though
      And I've been grinding so long its like I gotta blow
      Baby mama calling up my phone, what the f*** you want
      Cause I don't owe nobody shit stop askin'
      Haters get off of my dick, stop gaggin'
      They know I'm schooling them, they tell me stop classin'
      We already know that you the shit stop gassin'
      Eck, and my flow is fuc*** sick dog
      Make a bitch cough like a sick dog
      Probably cause I spit raw
      No fuc*** with this boy
      Other rappers more uncool than when the fridge off
      Damn I think my lid's off, more mental then Sig Freud
      Mind like a mother fucking-unsolvable jigsaw
      People ask my audience 'what you listen him for?'
      Shit..cause I don't think Lil Wayne's come this hard
      My God, then what that mean
      Since I ain't son to nobody, then I must be king
      Cocky with it, cause I know that can't nobody stop me with it
      Wanna try? be ready to die, Kamikaze with it
      Fuck a prince, I know I'm the real shit ya dig
      Cause ain't no-mother-fucking-body done the shit I did
      I'm the man where I'm from, but they call me the kid
      Give me the crown cause if not then we taking that bitch
      Mother fuc***
      100 words and running, 100 rappers that I ate still in my stomach
      And 100 other coming, hustling for one-hundred a-hundreds
      I don't give a f*** what you say, give me my money
      Not college educated, but I can count a shit load
      Connected like a constellation I can get you shipped more
      Boy I do numbers with these verses check the info
      I'm Machine Gun Kelly what the fuck's a pistol
      What the fuck's a white flag
      What the fuck's a price tag
      What the f*** is beef? Fuck it show me where's the mics at
      I will tear each one of them mother fuck*** a nice ass
      No homo cause we don't get dicked, we ain't like that
      Nah bitch, should've hollered at me before
      Cause 'fuck you pay me' is now my steelo
      And that goes for promoters, for the shows
      For the verses, for the hoes
      For the labels, what you owe
      Bitch, give me my dough
      I'm the big baller, shot caller of my age
      19-year old Dwayne Wade
      And the Eastside on my back, no matter what they weigh
      Clevelands number 23 like I ain't know Lebron played
      So what's up to all my fans who held me down since day one
      Telling them Kells' the hardest that they come
      Gave the real what they want and I did that
      So come and blow a blunt with your boy give it here let me split that
      And I bet they won't forget that
      Cause rappers forgot how to be real
      Forgot how they used to be before the deal
      But I remember still
      That's why I'm not a member of fame
      Just raw talent who remembers the game
      And the name, Kells

      Machine Gun Kelly - 100 Words and Running Música y Letra



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