Mis Listas de Música
      1. Master Of Puppets Album Through The Never

      2. Nothing Else Matters Album Through The Never

      3. The Memory Remains Album Through The Never

      4. Enter Sandman Album Through The Never

      5. Fuel Album Through The Never

      6. Moth Into Flame Album Hardwired... to Self-Destruct (Deluxe)

      7. Nothing Else Matters

      8. Nothing Else Matters Album Metallica

      9. One Album ...And Justice For All

      10. Master Of Puppets Album Master Of Puppets

      11. Enter Sandman Album Metallica

      12. The Lords Of Summer Album ...And Justice For All

      13. The Unforgiven Album Metallica

      14. Whiskey In The Jar Album Garage Inc.

      15. Hero Of The Day Album Load

      16. Orion Album Master Of Puppets

      17. Sad But True Album Metallica

      18. The Memory Remains Album Reload

      19. St. Anger Album St. Anger

      20. The Day That Never Comes Album Death Magnetic

      21. ...And Justice For All Album ...And Justice For All

      22. All Nightmare Long Album Death Magnetic

      23. Battery Album Master Of Puppets

      24. King Nothing Album Load

      25. No Remorse Album Kill 'Em All

      26. For Whom The Bell Tolls Album Ride The Lightning

      27. Until It Sleeps Album Load

      28. Mama Said Album Load

      29. Fade To Black Album Ride The Lightning

      30. Seek And Destroy Album Kill 'Em All

      31. Blackened Album ...And Justice For All

      32. Astronomy Album Garage Inc.

      33. Metal Militia Album Kill 'Em All

      34. Whiplash Album Kill 'Em All

      35. Of Wolf And Man Album Metallica

      36. 2 x 4 Album Load

      37. Ronnie Album Load

      38. So What Album Garage Inc.

      39. Free Speech For The Dumb Album Garage Inc.

      40. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity Album ...And Justice For All

      41. The God That Failed Album Metallica

      42. All Within My Hands Album St. Anger

      43. The Call Of Ktulu Album Ride The Lightning

      44. Sabbra Cadabra Album Garage Inc.

      45. Wherever I May Roam Album Metallica

      46. Don't Tread On Me Album Metallica

      47. The Ecstasy Of Gold Album Through The Never

      48. Carpe Diem Baby Album Reload

      49. Poor Twisted Me Album Load

      50. Thorn Within Album Load

      51. Cure Album Load

      52. Disposable Heroes Album Master Of Puppets

      53. Creeping Death Album Ride The Lightning

      54. The Four Horsemen Album Kill 'Em All

      55. Shoot Me Again Album St. Anger

      56. Bad Seed Album Reload

      57. Ain't My Bitch Album Load

      58. My World Album St. Anger

      59. The Thing That Should Not Be Album Master Of Puppets

      60. Fuel Album Reload

      61. Last Caress, Green Hell Album Garage Inc.

      62. Blitzkrieg Album Garage Inc.

      63. Ride The Lightning Album Through The Never

      64. Ronnie Rising (A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio) Album This is your life

      65. Cyanide Album Death Magnetic

      66. Invisible Kid Album St. Anger

      67. Eye Of The Beholder Album ...And Justice For All

      68. Overkill Album Garage Inc.

      69. Damage, Inc Album Master Of Puppets

      70. Battery Album Through The Never

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