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      Fight Night

      Fight Night


      Album: No Label 2

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      Migos - Fight Night Música y Letra

      Public Service Announcement
      Where all my rich niggas at man?
      [Hook: Takeoff]
      Broke niggas stand to the left
      My rich niggas stand to the right
      Lil' mamma, she keep looking at me (lil' mama!)
      Im'a knock the pussy out like fight night
      Hit it with the left
      Hit with the right
      Im'a knock the pussy out like fight night
      Beat it with the left
      Beat it with the right
      Im'a knock the pussy out like fight night
      [Verse: Takeoff]
      If you know me notice that my feng shui
      Certified everywhere, ain't gotta print my resume
      Talking crazy, I pull up andele
      R.I.P to Nate Dogg, I had to regulate
      Pocket rocket fire, watch him disintegrate
      It's a truckload coming on the interstate
      Sirloin steak all on my dinner plate
      Your main bitch say she wanna make a sex tape
      Rich nigga, I could never be a broke nigga (rich nigga)
      Broke niggas I can never get along with them!
      Always been hated since a little nigga (always)
      It's forever pussy nigga gotta deal with it (rich nigga!)
      [Verse: Quavo]
      Float like a butterly, sting like a bee
      Rumble young nigga rumble!
      Lil' mamma want a nigga like me in the sheets
      Ice cube knock it out like Deebo
      Now who's that talking that gangsta shit
      Somebody gonna kick your ass
      When I walk up in the club I better make a thunderstorm
      Let them know that this a whole lot of cash
      Rich niggas on the right all night (rich nigga)
      Broke niggas to the left by yourself (brokanese)
      Now who the hell just said that the roof on fire?
      Call 911 like Wyclef
      [Verse: Offset]
      I'm a rich nigga, I don't like a bitch nigga
      Nigga broke nigga, I don't deal with you
      All of my niggas, official, My bitches they strippers
      My niggas they criminals trying to get to the M&Ms
      If your bitch is so innocent, why she sucking my children
      Last time I asked I dine and dashed and bitch I go in the building
      Bad bitch make it clap let me know ya
      Young rich nigga on the couch talking to Oprah
      Bottles in the VIP while I stand on the sofa
      I don't speak your language Brokanese, I thought I told ya
      These bitches they be smokin' on hookah
      My nigga ballin' like [?]
      Geeked up in the [?] I scare ya bitch Freddy Krueger. Freddy?

      Migos - Fight Night Música y Letra



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