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      Mortal Sin

      Album: Mayhemic Destruction

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      Mortal Sin - Liar Música y Letra

      His eyes burn like fire, they burn like the sun
      He's calling you a liar, he knows that you're the one
      The judge will pass his sentence, he'll sacrifice your soul
      He won't give you repentance, he'll send you to the gallows pole
      Subjected to a means of eternal misery
      You've fallen in the shadow of a public mutiny
      You listen to your followers, you hear them start to cry
      Shouting strains of madness they want you to die
      Liar - they'll drive you insane
      Liar - they've caught you again
      Liar - they want you to die
      Liar - should never have lied
      You struggle for your sanity your brain's about to blow
      You want to hear your punishment you think that you should know
      They'll pierce you with the sword of death they'll push it through your side
      Now everybody's laughing you took them for a ride
      Repeat chorus
      You're entering the gates above they'll tell you to return
      Send you down to the fires of Hell and let your body burn
      Stay down there with all your mates and lie yourselves to death
      Fill yourselves with laughter and draw another breath
      Repeat chorus

      Mortal Sin - Liar Música y Letra



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