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      Get Loose

      Get Loose

      Toni Braxton

      Album: Pulse

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      Toni Braxton - Get Loose Música y Letra

      Get Loose Lyrics
       (yeah) oh oohuh,oh oohuh(it's another one,its celebration music man,this is real good music right here,you ready,yeah,darkchild!)oh oohuh,oh oohuh
       i wanna wild out
       ( ya wanna wild out)
       and release the stress
       (release the stress)
       i'm looking so good
       (you looking so good)
       and my sunday's best
       (and ya sunday's best)
       our eyes are connected
       (daaa daaa daaa...)
       come and get this affection
       i got my back up of the wall
       (section b)
       i know you like it, you love it,well you know how i does it
       here we go boom boom boom boom boom...shake it loose
       get loose, get it
       baby i brought my dancing shoese
       come on get it,get it on the floor(oh oohuh),i get it on the floor
       get loose(baby it's on you)
       get loose(you like the way i move)
       get it on the floor(oh oohuh)
       i'll dance till i can't nomore
       sexy as i can be
       (sexy you can be)
       i know i ease
       (i know you ease)
       don't fight these feelings babe
       (i wont fight babe)
       let me handle my beeze
       (handle your beez)
       i'm breaking the rules
       (i'm breaking them to you)
       so lets do whatever
       (we can do whatever babe)
       (daaa,daaa daaaa...)
       i get your back up off the wall
       section b
       hook *2
       lets do it big babe
       party people on the floor
       you can get my heart
       just come a little closer
       you see me smiling
       i see me dancing
       my body's on tour
       (page and check it now...yeah babe, yeah babe)
       (oh oohuh,oh oohuh*2)

      Toni Braxton - Get Loose Música y Letra



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