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      A Week Straight

      A Week Straight

      Tory Lanez

      Album: Lost Cause

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      Tory Lanez - A Week Straight Música y Letra

      No, I believe nothing in art is inappropriate. I paint what I see
      We're going to have to insist that the face be removed
      Absolutely not!
      Look you son of a bitch
      Same clothes on me for a week straight
      Pray the Lord help me for my peep's sake
      When my mama died I became a soldier
      Papa couldn't save him
      I was out there gettin' paper hol' up
      [Verse 1:]
      Mac 11 barcodes in my arsenal
      Lil' nigga Lost Cause ah it's Fargo
      Pray to Lord every night repentin' every weekend
      We was really in the beef and I was really reachin'
      Colt.45 bands from my younger pants
      See my older niggas die up in they younger years
      Ask my brother what the fuck I'm supposed to tell his mother
      Or is sister, and his cousin, plus his little brother
      So we ride for him, campaign slide thru
      Just the team, just some beef my mother cry for
      Copin' with the pain, smokin' in the rain
      Movin' Macaulay Culkin, hopin' that it chain
      [Verse 2:]
      Should we ride til the wheels fall
      Pay these tickets for your biscuit if it's will call
      And when this thief come and tell you I'm a lil dog
      Stone cold we just wanted that control lil nigga hold up
      I'm with my niggas rollin' in this whip, it's stolen
      Off a fifth of Hogan if you chick is scoldin'
      The whip get open and your bitch get open
      Shit, this shit is sinister hangin' ironic
      My powers are minister nigga
      For that side I will ride I will finish a nigga
      Catch them how I rolled em
      Shootin' photos of the job
      Young Fargo I'm just tryna let it all go, listen
      [Verse 3:]
      Lil sister cryin', she got multiple structures
      Takin' needles every night just to hold a discussion
      You don't know that pain nigga you don't know that rain
      Baggin' niggas for they change you don't know that shame
      You never fucked up on a re-up you don't know that change
      Walkin' into dot nigga you ain't show that chain
      You ain't sleep in no park you had a home to stay
      I was down and dirty tryna get a pound of 30
      Niggas hated on me, threw dirt on my name
      There's hurt in my veins, lightin' this purple the flame
      I'm confused in this lost world
      My daddy's daughter was a lost girl
      And she my sister she love me when I was younger
      And told me fuck with the music
      Instead of holdin' my gun up
      She told me that maybe if I prayed
      He gon bring the sun up for me
      Tryna switch the situation with this gun up on me

      Tory Lanez - A Week Straight Música y Letra




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